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I will make you hurt.

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A bunch of words [30 Jan 2005|09:53pm]
Curses lick lips locked browbeaten hills touch swallow codes decipher glyphs gleaming darkness leaps spines shallow Clementine kisses asphyxiating needs needy thrills thrill dial toning spaces link rivers run mountains mount misery cutting cords stripped raw usless coughing tangents delivered sights seeking people movers spurs silver sidewinders coiled boiling ready steady no groove able willing enable fire at will spilling guts under caress dresses beauty regrets confessions mistakes misshapen omitting transmissions sets weary carnival remembrances riding tonight high paper kites aw shucks fuck misstep north eyes realize exposed ending nails wishing envy window hope aperture drawing dawn killing cards babies blinking enough already hands dancing shoes shady lines calliope caterwaul inhaling hail chaos failing possession tumbling obelisk airtight ceiling arise smokestack lightning

- Billy Corgan

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